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Dear Coordinators and Catechists, 
We are pleased to open registration for the following course:-

FCC - Introduction to Catechetical Pedagogy & Catechetical Methods

Oct 7, 14, 21, Nov 4, 11, 18, 25 & Dec 2 

7:30pm - 10pm

Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 
24, Highland Road, Singapore 549115

Course fees are waived for 2019 *

*Notwithstanding the waiver of the contribution of module fees, participants are required to register for all courses and events to assist us in the booking of appropriate rooms, printing of materials and arrangement of tea and snacks, etc. In the event of foreseeable no-shows, we encourage participants to inform the office in advance to help prevent wastage of resources.Failure to do so will result in participant being charged the full course fee of $160, as this course is heavily subsidised by the Archdiocese.


  • Catechetical Coordinators & Level Coordinators for Children and/or Youth 
  • All Catechists & Assistant Catechists
  • Catechetical Assistants & Facilitators
  • RCIA Coordinators, Facilitators & Sponsors

This course will introduce participants to the method of catechesis as proposed by the Universal Church.



Theoretical Component

1.  Aim and Purpose of Catechesis

2.  Understanding the Pedagogy of God and Unfolding the 12 Characteristics of         Catechesis

3.  Catechism of the Catholic Church and Understanding the Catechetical Process

4.  Understanding the Methodology of Catechesis & the curriculum overview

Practical Component

5.  Understanding the Planes of Development & Characteristics of the Person

6.  Breakout sessions for Children’s, Youth Tracks, RCIA & Liturgy of the           Word with Children

1  Participants who had previously completed Parish Team Training or Introduction to Catechetical Pedagogy (before 2015) are exempted from Components 1, 2 and 3 of this module. Please contact us at to enquire.

Please register before 30 September 2019




The FCCs are the recommended foundational requirements for all catechists, including CGS, home-based, special needs and RCIA. It consists of the following modules:-

  • Intro to Catechetical Pedagogy & Catechetical Methods
  • The Five Strategies of the Virtue Project ™
  • Learning to Listen and Facilitate

In addition to the FCCs, the BCCs are the recommended requirements as follows: -


  • BCC – Introduction to Morality
  • BCC – Catholic Social Teaching*
         *Pre-requisite for this module is the BCC  Introduction to Morality module.
  • BCC – Human Sexuality*
         *Pre-requisite for this module is the BCC  Introduction to Morality module.
  • BCC – Scripture
  • BCC – Liturgy: The Mass
  • BCC – Evangelisation and Mission retreat (or other selected retreats*) and workshop.
         *Catechists who have attended the following retreats at least 3 years before completing their certificate are not required to attend the Evangelisation and Mission retreat as part of completion of the Basic Catechesis Course requirements:

  • Archdiocesan Catechists' Retreat 2019 -" YOU SHALL BE MY WITNESSES"  
  • Conversion Experience Retreat by the Catholic Spirituality Centre.
  • Youth CER / AWAKEN retreat by Catholic Spirituality Centre.
  • The First Spiritual Exercises Retreat by Kingsmead Centre.
  • Life in the Spirit (LISS) - please contact for a list of endorsed organisers.
  • Labourers in the Vineyard by the Office for the New Evangelisation
  • Watchmen Retreat by the Office for the New Evangelisation

Catechists are required to complete all the modules within 3 years in order to receive their Certificate of Completion.

Catechists who have attended previous courses but have yet to hand in their assignments are encouraged to attend the courses again as a REFRESHER.

Participants who are more than 30 minutes late will be deemed absent.

All course notes will only be available for download via an url link, on the day of the course/event.


Pre-requisites for access to Children's Curriculum (Foundation Year 1 to Level 6):

  • 100% attendance of Introduction to Catechetical Pedagogy & Catechetical Methods (Children’s track)

Pre-requisite for access to Youth Curriculum Levels 7 and 8:

  • 100% attendance for Introduction to Catechetical Pedagogy & Catechetical Methods
    (Youth Track)
  • Completed written assignment given out during ICP&CM module.

Pre-requisite for access to Youth Curriculum Levels 9 and 10:

  • 100% attendance for Introduction to Catechetical Pedagogy & Catechetical Methods (Youth Track)
  • Completed written assignment given out during ICP&CM module
  • Sufficient facilitators from parish sent for Learning to Listen and Facilitate module based on ratio of 12 youths to 1 facilitator
  • 100% attendance for Learning to Listen and Facilitate module by parish facilitators

Protection of Personal Data

IMPORTANT: Compliance with Guidelines for the Protection of Personal Data In filling this form, I consent to: (a) The collection, storage, retention, adaptation, modification, reading, retrieval, use, transmission, blocking, erasure or destruction (“Processing”) of the personal data provided by me in this Form (“Personal Data”); (b) The church entity processing my Personal Data for the purpose of my registration for a course by the church entity. (c) The Office for Catechesis taking photos, videos or audio recordings which may contain my image/audio and may be used for archival purposes, on the Office for Catechesis’ website, publications and for publicity purposes.

Please feel free to contact us at should you need further clarifications or have any other queries.We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you and God Bless

Office For Catechesis
Catholic Archdiocesan Education Centre (CAEC)
2 Highland Road, #02-02
Singapore 549102

Main line: 6911 0400
7th October, 2019 7:30 PM   through   2nd December, 2019 10:00 PM
Church of Immaculate Heart of Mary
24 Highland Rd
Singapore, 549115

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