FCC - Introduction to Catechetical Pedagogy & Catechetical Methods [EVENING]

This weekly course over 8 weeks will introduce participants to the method of teaching as proposed by the Universal Church.

Foundational Catechesis Course - 

Introduction to Catechetical Pedagogy & Catechetical Methods [EVENING]

# OF SESSIONS: Eight (8)

DATE: Tuesdays | 06, 13, 20, 27 October |  03, 10, 17& 24 November 2020

TIME: 7.30 pm - 10.00pm (Registration from 7.00pm) 

VENUEChurch of St Ignatius - 120 King's Rd, Singapore 268172



This course, which consists of theoretical and practical application components, will introduce participants to the method of teaching as proposed by the Universal Church. 



The purpose of this course is to equip catechists with the

Theoretical knowledge of

  • The Aim and Purpose of Catechesis*  
  • The Pedagogy of God and the 12 Characteristics of Catechesis* 
  • The Catechetical Methodologies
  • The Ecclesial Method

In addition, for

Children’s and Youth Track

  1. The planes of development of children and youths of different age groups and how this affects the way faith is handed to them*
  2. The Archdiocesan Catechetical curricula overview

RCIA Track

  1. Overview of BOW
  2. Understanding the scrutinies as rites for self-searching and repentance

Practical applications of catechesis by providing them with the opportunities to:

  • Learn how to use the Catechism of the Catholic Church*
  • Craft reflection questions*
  • Experience how presentations are to be offered in the prayer space through demonstration by trainers
  • Participate in group presentations using existing session plans and learn from their peers

In addition, for RCIA Track

  • Learn how to prepare for and lead a BOW session
  • Learn how to plan and lead a session to better meet the spiritual purpose of the scrutinies


* Participants who had previously completed Parish Team Training or Introduction to Catechetical Pedagogy (before 2015) are exempted from the first 4 sessions of this module. Notwithstanding participants are encouraged to attend the course as a refresher as new content has been added.

 Upon completion of both the theoretical and practical application components as well as meeting pre-requisites, participants attending the Children’s or Youth Tracks will be given direct access to the respective curriculum.



Children’s Curriculum - FY1 to L6 

  • 100% attendance (Children’s Track)

Youth Curriculum - L7 - L8

  • 100% attendance (Youth Track)
  • Submission of written assignment​

Youth Curriculum - L9 -10

  • 100% attendance (Youth Track)
  • Submission of written assignment
  • 100% attendance for FCC Learning to Listen and Facilitate

For effective application of Youth Curriculum - Sufficient facilitators sent for FCC: Learning to Listen and Facilitate based on proposed ratio of 12 youths to 1 facilitator.


  • Wendy Loe - Associate Director, Office for Catechesis 

  • Geraldine Lim - Manager, Children Curriculum, Office for Catechesis

  • Suryadi Azali - Manager, Youth Curriculum, Office for Catechesis

  • Alfred Yap - Manager RCIA, Office for Catechesis


  • Catechetical Coordinators & Level Coordinators for Children and/or Youth

  • All Catechists & Assistant Catechists

  • Catechetical Assistants & Facilitators

  • RCIA Coordinators, Facilitators & Sponsors.


*Waived by Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore 


  • MONDAY,  28 SEP 2020 6.00pm​



  1. Attendance - Participants must achieve 100% attendance for the course registered to receive the certificate of completion for Foundational Catechesis Course (FCC). Please inform us if you are unable to attend any session. OfC will advise the schedule for the next course.

  2. Punctuality - Participants are encouraged to be punctual. Being more than THIRTY (30) minutes late for any session is deemed absent.

  3. Substitution - Request for substitution has to be made in writing, e.g., via email and subject to acceptance by OfC, subjected to eligibility requirements

  4. Deferment - Deferment is permitted on compassionate or medical grounds. Relevant proof or documents must be submitted to substantiate the grounds.

  5. Withdrawal - As this course tends to be fully subscribed and to allow others on the wait-list to attend the course, a no-show penalty of the full course fees of $160.00 may be imposed

  6. *Cancellation/Postponement of Course* - OfC reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course due to unforeseen circumstances. In these circumstances, OfC will refund payments made, if any.

Protection of Personal Data

IMPORTANTCompliance with Guidelines for the Protection of Personal Data - In filling this form, I consent to (a) The collection, storage, retention, adaptation, modification, reading, retrieval, use, transmission, blocking, erasure or destruction (“Processing”) of the personal data provided by me in this form (“Personal Data”); (b) The church entity processing my Personal Data for my registration for a course by the church entity. (c) The Office for Catechesis taking photos, videos or audio recordings which may contain my image/audio and may be used for archival purposes, on The Office for Catechesis’  website, publications and publicity purposes.




The Joy of the Gospel: Evangelii Gaudium

Apostolic Exhortation by Francis and Francis I




General Directory for Catechesis (1st Edition)

by Congregation For The Clergy 

1st edition (January 15, 1998)



Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Craft of Catechesis

by Pierre de Cointet

Ignatius Press

First edition (March 1, 2008) 


 Catechism Of The Catholic Church Revised Edition 

by The Vatican 


Revised Edition (June 23, 2002)



6th October, 2020 7:30 PM   through   24th November, 2020 10:00 PM
Church of St Ignatius
120 King's Road
Singapore, 268172
Phone: 69110400